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Regula is a Baroque alphabet taken over from a historical model including the latter’s inaccuracies and uneven letter edges. It reminds one of the character of letterpress, but if we were to be consistent, the letters which repeat themselves should also differ from each other, which is not possible in the case of digital setting. It is named after the secular monastic order Regula Pragensis, in honour of the inspiration which emanates from every moment spent in the presence of the members of this order with a glass of some good beverage. Agreeable distraction experienced when working with Regula will please every tired computer graphic artist. The type face looks best in text, in sizes from 11 to 20 points - the model used for digitalization was in the size of today’s about 17 points. Regula has a rather narrow range of application. It does not take kindly to enlargement to poster sizes and for a long text in a small size it is preferable to use Regent. Nevertheless, it will certainly find its own niche in graphic studios, advertisements and illustrated magazines.
Foundry Storm Type Foundry
Designers František Štorm
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