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Embracing the neo-grotesque sans-serif style as its canvas, Restart Ginger redefines the Latin script with a fusion of contemporary flair and unrivaled readability. Crafted to ignite innovation and breathe new life into visual identities, Restart Ginger boasts a dynamic character set that pushes the boundaries of traditional design. The basis was our font: Restart Hard, where some characters were completely and sometimes insanely redesigned with a vibrant energy. At its core, Restart Ginger is a rebellious force, challenging the norms of conventional grotesque fonts with its daring reinterpretation. As for stylistic sets for individual alternate characters. They are also quite unusual, for example the added serifs „I, a“. Extremely simplified „r“ or perhaps inverted diagonals „K, k“. But the most unusual is the alternative version to the dot accent, which is actually a splash of ink.
Foundry Superior Type
Designers Vojtěch Říha
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