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According to some, sans-serif in the form of neo-grotesque is the pinnacle of the Latin script and the standard in terms of readability and range of use. A generous x-height, the termination of strokes and narrow spacing between letters guarantee both. Restart stands in this area but solves all the mentioned challenges in its own manner. The ideal use of this font is to refresh and redesign visual identity. The comprehensive character set and two complementary variants — Restart Hard and Restart Soft — stand out in the logotypes and other elements. Restart has evenly distributed shading, so it feels more balanced than the original grotesques. However, the main motive is the dual approach in connecting the strokes to the stems. The two methods here actually created two versions. Restart Hard has a sharp connection and is more reminiscent of classic patterns. Restart Soft is smoother with a more rounded drawing. Both have stylistic sets for square or circular diacritics, which makes them very flexible. Another variable element is an alternative character for „a“, as well as versions of „f, t, 4“ with a shortened vertical stroke and „&“ in classic and modern style. Other included alternatives are „g, l, u“. Restart has language support for Latin, including Vietnamese, and a set of geometric shapes, arrows, and circled numbers.
Foundry Superior Type
Designers Vojtěch Říha
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