Rezak CYR 10 styles
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Rezak by Anya Danilova is a tribute to substance and dynamism, with display, text, and incised styles undergirding each other. Its distinct tone and rhythmic aesthetic allows it to function as something naïve or emotional, but always invigorating. Rezak’s crunchy letters are meant to expose rough, daring, or dramatic text. A further benefit is that this family is not sequestered within one specific genre or script, so it can be easily interpreted for other scripts, such as its current Latin and extended Cyrillic which supports such neglected languages as Abkhaz, Itelmen, and Koryak. Rezak’s push toward creativity and innovation, with an eye on typography’s rich history, reinforces our foundry’s mission to publish invigorating forms at the highest function and widest applicability.
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Designers Anya Danilova
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