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With its peculiar and rough stylistic features, Rhau is a type revival based on four woodcuts used on four title pages of the Officia Paschalia, a collection of masses and choral compositions printed by Georg Rhau in Wittenberg in 1539. Originally intended for a selected audience of composers, this digital revival is an inspiration for display work. In May 2021, designer Giulio Galli got in touch with Sam Gossner, founder of Versilian Studios LLC, a company dedicated to producing virtual instruments and sample libraries for composers. Currently they are developing an application for re-setting music printed from 1500 to around 1650 called Early Notation Typesetter. It enables the digitisation of many musical scores – both the music type and the accompanying letters. Galli was happy to help with the latter and together with his client, design of three typefaces was decided, Roman, Italic and ‘Rhau’, which the designer says was by far the most challenging and interesting. This new entry in our Studies type collection is actually something rare and different, not easily pigeonholed into any of the usual categories.
Foundry CAST
Designers Giulio Galli
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