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RIA Typeface, commissioned by the RIA Novosti agency's art director Ilya Ruderman. The fonts go beyond the traditional type family; They are not united by a single graphical idea, skeleton or array of particular details, but each one of them has its own special function: body text styles, styles for headlines and sub-headlines, and separate styles for infographics and information texts, as Well as for large size display usage. They share a common intonation and purpose - to make the typography into something unobtrusive and universal for every message. There are two types of text, RIA Text Sans and RIA Text Serif, while RIA Display Sans Compress is intended for use in infographics. RIA Display Sans and RIA Display Serif are for the headlines, and RIA SuperDisplay Serif is the large display font. RIA Typeface was designed by Yury Ostromentsky in 2013 and featured among the winners of the "Modern Cyrillic 2014" competition.
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Designers Yury Ostromentsky
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