Royal Theatre Serif 14 styles
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The Danish Royal Theatre holds both historic and theatric value to the city of Copenhagen. First serving as a venue for the King it has seen many faces since its construction in 1874. In 2005 Playtype designed the first version of the type family, used for many years exclusively by the Royal Theatre. Now the story continues into the present day with the typeface showcasing itself as a fully fledged family. Noting the past and the nuances of performances within the acclaimed institution. The family is available in 7 weights from Extralight to Black with accompanying italics, in both sans & serif. It is evocative of every theatrical genre, changing mood through each weight. It works best when given a topic to speak about. From the ballet-inspired italics to the opera-like nature in bold, with each cut being as descriptive as the 19th century posters that inspired them.
Foundry Playtype
Designers Jonas Hecksher
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