Rumiko Sans 12 styles
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Rumiko is a series of typefaces that bring humanity to digital and identity projects. With clean strokes, open structures and a subtle geometric accent balanced by a hint of calligraphy, they have an undistracted voice. Rumiko Sans invites readers to linger. Clear, warm and practical it is proof that readability and personality can work hand in hand. A dynamic all rounder, its letterforms are animated by flowing connections, a relaxed sense of movement, reflecting written connections and bringing humanity to identity projects. In its playful italics, shared with Rumiko Clear, warmth and fluidity are given free rein. Rumiko Sans’ treatment of letters puts an emphasis on friendliness and flow: ‘a’ and ‘y’ have simple, relaxed forms and in ‘K’, ‘R’ and ‘u’ fluid outstrokes lead the eye. Its six weights open up a spectrum of possibilities for human-centred brands that want a human touch. If you need something a little more focussed for digital environments, its companion Rumiko Clear has been carefully fine-tuned for user interfaces. Rumiko Sans’ six weights provide a wide range of typographic flexibility and support. Like all TypeMates fonts, it has an extensive character set supporting up to 200 languages across the Latin alphabet and a useful set of symbols and icons, arrows and dingbats. Unlike most TypeMates fonts, it comes with a set of emoji.
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Designers Natalie Rauch
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