Skolske Pro 4 styles
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Slovak handwriting type is used in schools for almost 100 years without any significant changes. However, it does not support features necessary in modern education process: it is not suitable for left-handers, children with learning disabilities and most importantly, no digital version is available. Our project objective was not only to create digital version of the existing school type, but also modernisation and improved legibility suitable for better learning process and usability. We studied and analysed history of current school type and consulted new features with education experts. The result is modernised digital school type Skolske. We are providing it free of charge to schools, graphic designers and publishing houses to support their mission for easier and modern education. Two versions are available. Skolske Free (free for school printed materials) and Skolske Pro (for commercial products – print, web, apps and other uses). Skolske Free supports Slovak language. Skolske Pro supports European languages and contains figures and other necessary characters for typesetting.
Foundry DizajnDesign
Designers Ján Filípek
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