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This type face fills one of the gaps between the world of Roman alphabets and that of linear alphabets. The first to be designed was the set of upper-case letters. The expression of these characters cannot conceal that they were originally intended only for the sculptor's use, as a type face for three-dimensional inscriptions. Their width proportions reflect a dialogue between the contemporary feeling and the legacy of classical Roman inscriptions. The type face was later complemented with a set of lower-case letters and elaborated into further designs. Its clear, concise letter forms end with small serifs which not only make the type face more refined, but above all anchor the individual letter signs visually to the horizontal of the text line. The austere construction of the majority of the letters is balanced by the more exuberant, humanizing forms of the most frequently used letters "a"; "e". (The three variants of the lower-case "e" enable to create rhythmically differentiated texts.) The letters in which a straight stroke is connected with an arch are designed in two ways. That means that the letters "n", "h","m" and the group of letters "b","d","p","q" are conceived in a different way. Thus an interesting tension is created in the structure of the text, which, however, does not endanger legibility. The economizing, slightly narrowed design of this type face predetermines its use for the setting of usual texts. In larger sizes, however, it produces a rather serious, even solemn, impression.
Foundry Storm Type Foundry
Designers František Štorm
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