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There is nothing like a typeface made of simple forms! That is what Stella is about, there is nothing of spectacular or trendy in the design of Stella, neither now or when it was first designed back in 1999. Innitially designed with two single weights with matching italics and released in postscript format, Stella suffered a major uppgrade back in 2010 and is now available in eight weights with matching italics and small caps included in all styles. The ideia behind the design of Stella was to have a sans serif with some of the humanistic characteriscs of the classic text faces so that it could be used to set billangual texts (something that I was doing quite a lot back in the 90's). It was first at Surf Portugal magazine where I worked as art director for almost eight years. Stella has classical proportions with its capitals showing a great variation in width. The lowercase have generous x-height and rather condensed. The overall contrast is moderate and the italics are not just a derivation of the upright with some italized forms and corrected shapes. The are indeed form a different nature (as in classical serifed faces), narrower and slightly lighter in colour. Stella comes with proportional lining figures as default, but it also contains proportional oldstyle figures and table figures, both, lining and oldstyle; fractions; superiors and inferiors, fractions, arrows and other usefull glyphs.
Foundry Feliciano Type Foundry
Designers Mário Feliciano
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