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Taüll is inspired on old black lettering devices. This typeface main goal is to link the medieval world with our brand new digital smart cities. A southern flavored typeface that transfers us to the heart of Pyrenees mountains, with its tiny villages, Romanesque churches, old huts, its dark forests with dragons and princesses. An idyllic vision of life from the mountain slow pace where cattle graze on the open meadows and birds sing. Those lost paradises that we can revive thanks to the natural flavor of Taüll’s character outlines. Taüll is based on those alphabets that still lie on the silence of the stones where they were carved. It has a super blunt, angular and highly striking Capital letters that stands out wherever you place them thanks to the interaction of angled forms and a subtly humanistic irregularity that increase its visibility.
Foundry TypeRepublic
Designers Andreu Balius
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