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TJ Evolette A is unique, customizable, experimental, fashionable and clean. This geometric, grotesque and all-caps display family has seven weights, one basic glyph set, two integrated and extravagant stylistic sets for the whole alphabet and some astonishing special characters. Between the basic glyph set and the two stylistic sets, the typeface offers innumerable combination possibilities. In its two sets of alternate characters interpretations of Art Deco mingle with the straight lines of ancient runes. This variety encourages striking editorial and poster design. TJ Evolette A was designed in 2011 by Timo Titzmann and Jakob Runge. In 2014 they revisited the typeface with new characters, broader language support, runic figures, improved kerning, better weight gradation and heavier weights. The common character sets of Central, Eastern and Western Europe are supported across all weights, with alternate glyphs accessible through OpenType layout features. If you’d like to use this multifarious typeface without OpenType support (perhaps for web usage) we recommend ‘TJ Evolette A Mix’. A version with a no-hassle, predefined mix of all of the glyphs.
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Designers Timo Titzmann , Jakob Runge
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