TlabdALL01 3 styles
Tlab font
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TlabdALL01 was planned by having a design function for those with discomfort with their eye vision. TlabdALL01 displays the smallest size of the font without being clustered or being too thin even while using the standard 6 pt on the on/off line conditions; thus making the optical size at the smallest point. Unlike the  the serif which the thickness changes can be uncompromising, and the sans serif which the size of the vowels can be inflexible when small, the TlabdALL01 can be easily distinguishable and legible. In connection with sans serif, the Hangeul features fits into the criteria when small crisp and legible fonts are needed for both print and or on screen. 
Foundry Tlab font
Designers Eunkyu Choi
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