Triade 3 styles
Coppers and Brasses
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This heavyweight display typeface plays many different games at once. First, it's available in three main styles: Upright, Slanted and Backslant. But don't be fooled! These are not simply skewed versions of the Upright style; every single character has been adjusted in order to keep a consistent weight and contrast between the three styles. For your more elaborate chunks of verbiage, the diacritics and punctuation are also available in an extra fine style that can be triggered optionally. Finally, while all the remaining symbols are drawn in this thin weight as standard, some of them have extra ornamented versions. As you can see, there is plenty to play with here. Have fun with it!
Foundry Coppers and Brasses
Designers Étienne Aubert Bonn , Alexandre Saumier Demers
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