Triptych 3 styles
The Pyte Foundry
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Triptych consists of three distinct styles amplifying the notion of structural differentiation within a typeface family; designed to take on clearly defined hierarchical functions in a typographic system. Roman and Italick [sic] are irreverently free interpretations of the sturdiest of all sturdy book faces ever produced, namely O.S. (Old Style) Antique No. 7 by Miller & Richard of Edinburgh first issued in 1858. The accompanying Bold weight is a mental extrapolation of a manifold of Grotesques spanning the best part of the Nineteenth Century. Despite its name, Triptych is of secular, utilitarian nature: its unsentimental, at times mechanical drawing makes for a stubbornly robust and economic design. Bare any bourgeois flamboyance it is suited for confident and hard-working typography.
Foundry The Pyte Foundry
Designers Ellmer Stefan
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