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Utile and Utile Display are elegantly flared sans in two finishes for smaller sized text and display typography with an overarching aim for clarity and optimal legibility. Designed in a clear and functional definition, Utile (text) features a solid letter build with carefully weighed spacing for ongoing passages of text and form definitions compensating for trapped ink and low pixel density. Utile Display, a modulated sans serif, pays tribute to the contrast of thick and thin, feeling right at home in title compositions with tighter letter spacing and re-proportioned designs. The contrasted sans promotes a timeless elegance and functional aesthetic that comes especially to light in larger sizes. The incised stem modulation of the Utile Collection, uniquely asymmetrical in its application, attempts to maintain a balancing act between swelled strokes and the absence of such. Open Type features include figures for text and tables, stylistic alternates, fractions and more. The ample weight scale and multipurpose variety of text and display is intended but not limited for contemporary identity-branding, editorial and advertising for print and screen programs.
Foundry Kontour
Designers Sibylle Hagmann
More Info kontour.com

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