29Letters Beirut, Lebanon
29Letters [29LT] is an award-winning design studio specialized in contemporary Arabic and multilingual typography. Besides its design practice, 29LT publishes unique multilingual Arabic/Latin typefaces created by emerging, talented Arab and international type designers. 29LT frequently joins forces with renowned branding, design, and advertising agencies in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, in order to deliver highest-end design and typographic solutions that range from corporate typefaces to logos and typesetting among other services. 29LT was awarded the Red Ribbon TDC Typeface Design Competition in 2014, and a "Special Mention" in Granshan Type Design Competition in 2015.
Designers Pascal Zoghbi, Swiss Typefaces, Khajag Apelian, Wael Morcos, Sylvain Mazas, Ben Wittner, Nasri Khattar, Naji El Mir, Adrien Midzic, Katharina Seidl, Jan Fromm, Ramiro Espinoza , Krista Radoeva, Linda Hintz, Adèle Gallé
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