29Letters Madrid, Spain
29Letters [29LT] is a digital type foundry dedicated to creating and publishing multiscript typefaces. Its Arabic and Latin typography leading-edge arises from its collaborative team of professional Arab and European type designers crafting high-quality typefaces. Besides publishing unique retail fonts, 29LT frequently joins forces with renowned international branding, design, and advertising agencies to deliver high-end typographic solutions, such as bespoke fonts and wordmarks. 29LT was named after the conventional Arabic 28 letter alphabet, but with a divergent-thinking, bold and daring design approach integrating the hamza as the 29th letter. With a typographic work incorporating multiple scripts, 29LT is committed not only to exploring the diversity and potential of Arabic typography but also to tapping into other world scripts. 29LT was founded and is run by Pascal Zoghbi. 
It is based in Madrid, Spain.
Designers Pascal Zoghbi, Swiss Typefaces, Khajag Apelian, Wael Morcos, Sylvain Mazas, Ben Wittner, Nasri Khattar, Naji El Mir, Adrien Midzic, Katharina Seidl, Jan Fromm, Ramiro Espinoza , Krista Radoeva, Linda Hintz, Adèle Gallé
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