29Letters Madrid, Spain
29Letters [29LT] is a digital type foundry handling multilingual typographic projects while specializing in contemporary bi-script Arabic and Latin typography. Our team consists of independent professional type designers from different countries, who are experts in diverse scripts, such as Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, and Latin, among many others. At 29LT, we are adamant on respecting each script's identity and heritage. This allows us to create synergistic multiscript typography that preserves the characteristics and values of each script. Developing scripts alongside one another while maintaining both independency and harmony is at the heart of our work. We create new typography that is inspired by calligraphy yet drawn in a contemporary manner. Combining the flair of the old with the modern-day touch translates into correct letterform proportions and good legibility outcome. We use the latest type design technology to develop and generate our fonts as well as to create logotypes and letterings. Our typefaces are generated in standard font formats as well as in new variable font formats. Our fonts can be used on cross platforms and mediums, including print, web, and mobile applications. 29LT was founded and is run by Pascal Zoghbi. 
It is based in Madrid, Spain.
Designers Pascal Zoghbi, Swiss Typefaces, Khajag Apelian, Wael Morcos, Sylvain Mazas, Ben Wittner, Nasri Khattar, Naji El Mir, Adrien Midzic, Katharina Seidl, Jan Fromm, Ramiro Espinoza , Krista Radoeva, Linda Hintz, Adèle Gallé, Kimya Gandhi, Toshi Omagari, Jose Carratalá , Naïma Ben Ayed
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