Sandoll Seoul, Republic of Korea
Sandoll is a type foundry in Korea, founded in 1984 by Geumho Seok. The foundry’s activities range from custom fonts for corporate’s branding to retail fonts for printing and digital devices. Also, Sandoll launched SandollCloud service in 2014. The foundry has a variety of experiences of multi-language projects such as CJK development and Korean-Latin matching. It has proceeded global projects with Microsoft, Apple, and Google&Adobe, etc. As a representative type foundry in Korea, Sandoll seeks to ‘build fonts, for the beautiful world’.
Designers Geum-ho Seok, Kyung-seok Kwon, Do-kyung Lee, Sung-woo Choi, Cho-rong Kim, Soo-hyun Park, Min-jae Kang, Joo-yeon Kang, Boo-mi Park, Ye-jin Wi, Chang-sub Lim, Jin-hee Kim
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