Tlab font Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tlab font, which was established during September of 2015, are group of professionals who are dedicated in research and development of fonts. Our main goal is to set new standards for font design, as well as logo types and title design by finding new ways to interpret fonts while experimenting in various ways. “The main goal in typography is to express to the viewers in a way that they may identify the aesthetics behind each font, meanwhile at the same time communicate to the viewers so that they may understand the meaning behind the font.” This has been said by our late teacher, Jin Pyung Kim. We use this as a motto to approach each design with precision, sincerity, and to create high quality work. Fonts should be convenient, attractive, and able to be highly utilized. These are the basic fundamentals of a good font. We, at Tlab font stand by this and put into practice all the time in our work.
Designers Yunjung Park, Eunkyu Choi, Woori Kim, Hansol Park, Donghoon Han, Younjun Jang, CDR
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