Tlab font Seoul, Republic of Korea
Established in September, 2015, Tlab Font is a group of professionals dedicated to the research and development of fonts. The company strives to set a new standard in the field of font and title design as well as logo shapes through experimenting and creating diverse, novel ways to interpret the meaning of various lettering styles. Kim Jin Pyung, a late professor at Seoul Women’s Univ., once remarked, “the essence of typography lies in not only making the viewers identify and appreciate the aesthetics of each font but also faithfully communicating what information-givers want to convey to them.” Modeling after the words of the professor, Tlab Font endeavors to design and invent high quality works with precision and sincerity. We strongly believe that fonts should be convenient and attractive. The fundamental characteristics will surely make our society a place with beauty and efficiency. Tlab Font always dreams to be one that can contribute to making this kind of world!
Designers Yunjung Park, Eunkyu Choi, Woori Kim, Hansol Park, Donghoon Han, Younjun Jang, CDR
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