Stefan Ellmer, a.k.a Ellmer Stefan, is best known for his deep dives into niche styles of 19th-century type. While his “proper” font families provide greater versatility, designs like Kinckq are more like chamber plays. They can bring an unexpected voice into your work.

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13 Nov 2023 • 1 min read

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Fonts In Use: Enjoy your stay

Fonts In Use: Enjoy your stay

For hotels, typography plays a dual role. As part of the branding, it helps – along with the visuals and ad copy – to convey the right feeling. And for newly arrived guests, there is functional signage to your meeting room, sauna, and bed. This article profiles four unique hotels’ use of typography to tell their stories and set themselves apart.
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La Police has launched a ;new website. You might already be familiar with its Footnotes publication, a periodical dedicated to type design & typography. Thanks to this site update, you can now order back issues or buy a subscription for three Footnotes issues, starting with the latest issue (that’s issue D, which is also new).

For a long time, Eckehart SchumacherGebler was one of the most significant actors in German printing. He built a towering legacy by running several companies, establishing societies, and founding a museum. On December 17th, he passed away, aged 88. The Offizin Haag-Dugulin published an obituary (in German).